Tips for Moms to Earn Money

Best Jobs For MomsEvenings with friends, afternoon shopping malls, weekend relaxation and well-being in your dreams! But you’re not one of those moms who have the credit card and can spend without counting … You want to make pocket money and gain independence? Here are some tips.


Earn money in a jiffy


1) The art of doing: make sorting through your stuff. There are certainly a lot of clothes that you do not put for a long time … What good is embarrassing when you can just sell it? First do around your friends, organize a snack flea market in which they can choose the clothes they like … It remains then barter where clothes are bought and weight for parts value, resale on Internet sites such as EBay. Finally, file at the Town Hall and rented a location for the next flea market in your neighborhood. Prices are reasonable, it’s already worn, do not forget. You will be amazed with the money you can make, while the vacuum in your cupboards!


2) Rent your services: offer your family and friends to pay you in exchange for minor services.


3) Removing ads: enroll for all the small businesses in your neighborhood and ask them to see your ads. You can also go to specialized sites. Babysitting, tutoring, depending on your interests and your qualifications. But beware! Do not take this job lightly; it is a real responsibility, so you must be serious and professional. Do not forget the families that will trust you. You will be paid and that money must be earned. Negotiate your financial reward before starting, time or fixed, depending on what suits you (about 9 to 10 dollars per hour).


4) Best jobs for moms: Working the weekend in a small shop or at your home making meals to sell for restaurants or other possible ideas, and you can also look for jobs on the internet!



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