Working Mom from Home Creating a Productive Work Environment?


An Organized Home Office Are you a mom working at home and feel frustrated because your work environment is not conducive to higher productivity? Here are some tips to help you create a good working environment that is both productive and welcoming. Sometimes the smallest adjustments can make a different world.

It is important to create a productive work environment for yourself that is suited to your personality and your needs. Here are some basic tips to follow:


Having a dedicated workspace


It cannot be the luxury of the kitchen table, but make it your own while you work. Remove anything that is not related to your work, it will only cause distraction. If you need to move, have a sack or you can easily carry your work quickly. If you have an office, keep it organized, friendly and free of family clutter.


Set limits for your children


If your children are still small, set times when they understand that it is “working time” for mom. Having your children doing an activity while you work will be useful to establish these limits. It is important that your children regardless of their age to understand and respect your work environment. If you have an office, teach your children while you’re there, you work.


Establish definite time for working


Work on your business at home is more productive if you can keep and separate your work schedule as a mom. Similarly, being a mom is the most productive if you can keep and separate your working time. Establish a schedule for each of them is good, but sometimes easier said than done. If your children are older, take advantage of when they are at school or establish times when they need to give you quiet time and space to work. Work during nap while your children are smaller you will give them the benefit of the quality of time when you are out of work.


Personalize your space so that you feel good inside


Add a touch of something that brings you happiness. A favorite candle, a framed preferred picture, hang something on the wall near your workspace that brings you pleasure or motivates you. Set if you have a view on a window or move so you keep distractions to a minimum if this is how you work best. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and the lighting is good. Remember, you are the one who needs to feel good in this space, so all you need.


Working from home and maintain a balance with family life can be difficult. Feel good about yourself, your family, your business and especially to feel good in your work environment is the key to success. Follow these basic tips to help create a productive work environment for you, your family and your business.


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