Working moms are less stressed

A U.S. survey says that mothers who work are less anxious and stressed.

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According to a survey which polled more than 60,000 women and found that moms who stay at home with their babies are more prone to stress and depression than those who work; 41% of moms in the home are recognized to suffer from stress after the birth of baby against 34% for working moms.


The survey also shows that mothers who stay at home when they want to work feel more stress. And conversely, when a new mom wants to stay at home but is forced to work, it is also more worries. Wholesale moms are cool when you let them decide how they want to live their lives.


When mom is working, the baby is also happy


Needless to feel guilty when you’re a working mom. According to a recent study from the University of New York, children whose mothers returned to work a few months after birth are neither more nor less happy than others. Another misconception that shatters since recent years, we were told the opposite: children of working women were supposedly less sporty, ate less, had more difficulties in school and emotional problems … the list was long.


Neutral effect on the welfare of the child


But this time, researchers say they have taken into account all the factors that affect a child when her mother works. “The family relations, household income, mental health of the mother, these things change when a mother works,” they explain. After completing development and family characteristics of more than 1,000 children aged 0-7 years, the researchers concluded that the disadvantages of returning to work during the first year of a child’s life are offset by a number of benefits. And a working mother is generally more fulfilled and would tend to show a little more “maternal sensitivity” than a mother at home. In addition, the additional income at home can often provide the child with greater comfort and a higher standard of living. So stop the blame!



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